5 Artistic Suggestions for Improving Flip Charts

Regardless of whether you are a coach, facilitator, educator or manager, flip charts (flipcharts) are an low-cost and powerful tool to assist make your strategies visible, show information and facts or trade ideas in a instruction session or conference. Although there are various other equipment that can also attain these ambitions, flip charts continue on to be 1 of the simplest and most multipurpose approaches to talk information in an adult understanding classroom or office environment.

Below are 5 basic and inventive strategies for improving your flip chart pages:

1. Incorporate Colored Icons or Bullets in various styles that relate to your matter in buy to visually tie to composed text and your plan or assembly theme. For instance when addressing the subsequent matters:

-Phone capabilities – use modest telephone handsets or headsets

-Client support capabilities – use smaller smile faces or faces with a variety of expressions primarily based on your text

-Journey similar – use carts, boats, airplanes ships or other modes of transportation.

-EEO or lawful – use justice scales and

-Specialized expertise – use desktops or other acceptable tools.

2. Incorporate Applicable Drawn Illustrations or photos in several colors. Cartoon figures, caricatures, basic stick figures, and related representations are great. If you are working with a Home windows-based mostly pc or laptop computer, you can insert some of these by likely to the Microsoft Term toolbar and clicking “Insert,” then “Photo” or “Clip Art” to pick correct photographs.

If you cannot attract effectively, and have an opaque projector (affordable variations can be obtained at arts and crafts suppliers, this kind of as Michael’s or Interest Foyer and on-line). You simply challenge an graphic onto a flip chart website page and trace it. You can also build a PowerPoint slide and project that on to paper for tracing.

An significant point to don’t forget when working with photos is that you must get authorization and cite copyright homeowners when using substance that you do not produce on your own in buy to restrict lawful liability.

3. Use Colored Designs to Set Key Conditions and Titles Aside. This will assist differentiate them from other text on the webpage. For case in point, you might use clouds, stars, circles, bursting bombs, or geometric shapes drawn in various shades to emphasize a thought, word or phrase.

4. Connect Vital Ideas Published on Cut Out Styles that you connect to the site with masking tape, Velcro, or artists adhesive on the back of just about every condition. For case in point, “shiny concepts” could possibly be elicited from participants and prepared on lightbulb formed cutouts in a selection of hues. Learners could then occur up and submit their notion on a flip chart web page and describe their thinking about it. That website page could then be posted on the wall for reference afterwards and viewing by learners all through breaks.

5. Increase Borders to Flip Chart Webpages with either colored markers or colored masking tape. You can now buy tape at office environment offer and craft outlets in a selection of widths and hues, and with many graphic photographs. Consider to tie to plan themes. For example, if you are accomplishing a session on customer service or promoting in a unique country, pick out hues from that country’s flag or images that relate for your borders.