5 Ways to Motivate Yourself While Learning English

Proper motivation and incentive is needed to gain mastery over any language. When you are in the learning phase of a language, consistent daily practice is the key in gaining fluency over the target language, especially in English. But the single most important differentiating factor between a novice and an expert learner is the amount of motivation involved. When you are motivated enough, you will find time to practice no matter of your tightly packed schedule. Lack of proper motivation will often make you lazy in case of the hectic timetable. Read on to find five ways to motivate yourself while learning English.

1. Watch Hollywood movies

Hollywood movies are legendary in their acting and shooting styles. Dubbed versions of movies do not come to the levels of the original versions. Enjoy the movies in the original style and setting by learning their spoken language. So you can enjoy countless movies in your preferences if you work hard in learning English Speaking. You can even make your learning ways more fun by watching videos and other materials. This will expand your social network of friends and will also increase your sophistication.

2. Enjoy music

Feeling left out when your friends discuss the latest western music? Join them by improving your spoken English. Your vocabulary should be absolutely perfect to understand the lyrics in the songs. Western music has their words sung at high pace. At first, you may get lost in the torrents of words, but as time passes and your speaking improves, it will get easier. Once you get a hang of it, you can then join your friends for discussing the intricacies of English music.

3. Great job prospects

You saw a job vacancy that appeals to you but the language speaking requirements puts you off. Avoid such situations by learning how to improve your English. Learning this global language can open many career avenues and job openings to you. You may even get a chance to go abroad for work. Stand apart from the competition by getting fluent speaking skills. Let greener career pastures and great social standing be your motivation for learning this beautiful language.

4. Limelight and respect

If you are able to speak this global language fluently, you will gain acceptance and respect anywhere. Friends and family members will look up to you. Young kids will want to emulate you and you will be in the limelight at social gatherings and functions. This will aid you greatly in networking skills. You will find new social, business or career opportunities with the correct usage of such interpersonal skills. Even when you visit foreign locations, the natives will give you credit for learning their language.

5. Good academic score

Learning English can help you increase your academic score to a great extent. The quality and quantity of your answer improves and internal questions are answered flawlessly. You can even improve your class participation. All these will translate into greater marks, which in turn, open doors for a bright future. Improving spoken English does have its own benefits.

Let the above five tips make you adequately motivated and help you in your journey to find how to learn English.