Aeria Games’ Method Requirements

In latest many years, higher-finish downloadable totally free to engage in on the net video games is a growing enterprise and sub-category among passionate MMO avid gamers. Fly-for-Enjoyable, EVE:On-line, Previous Chaos, and other people make up the checklist of games increasingly pleasing to gamers with lower budgets, but enjoy for the MMO encounter as much as having to pay gamers (such as Guild Wards, Planet of Warcraft and Everquest to identify a several).

Outfitted with a 2003-created machine, the writer was ready to discover not only 8 online games to participate in thoroughly for totally free, but all from the exact gaming portal site, Aeria Online games. Nevertheless, that is not to say, “Go to Aeria now!!” or other gross sales-like banter seeking to pace new gamers to Aeria’s already overflowing ranks of 12 million world wide users. Down below is merely an account of what the creator experienced to go by means of (or did not) in buy to enjoy an effortlessly offered portfolio of online games with the least amount of issues probable.

The creator is the very pleased operator of a computer system developed close to an ASUS P4P800 motherboard, mounted with a Pentium 4 2. Ghz processor, 1 Gigabyte of large-speed DDR-RAM, a GeForce 7800 AGP movie card with 512 Megabytes of on-board online video RAM, and a really hard push of many hundred Gigabytes (set up after a lethal crash in 2005). In addition, the author is fortunate to enjoy his on-line video games employing a Broadband Online link in an condominium sophisticated with few broadband subscribers.

Not staying an professional on personal computer configurations, around-clocking, tweaking of hardware or other complex know-how to bend the limits of his machine, the creator is even so an avid MMO gamer. You need to also know that the writer is also not perfectly to do ample to get a newer machine. Inspite of this, the adhering to exam was manufactured working with an outdated Aeria Online games account, sacrificing a couple dozen Gigabytes of hard disk area, a tricky disk cleanse up and ‘defrag’, and a week of simultaneous downloading of the firm’s main online games.

Immediately after properly putting in just about every sport, the creator proceeded to check which match(s) would run the speediest, which a person(s) experienced issues, and which a person(s) would not operate at all. Below are the effects:

Dream of Mirror On the internet (“DOMO”)

  • Signs or symptoms: No slowdown by any means, could run several (3) systems in the background of Home windows (virus defense software package, Bit Torrent downloads, and so forth.)
  • Verdict: Wonderful

Dynasty Warriors On the web (“DWO”)

  • Symptons: Will incorporate this information when I d/l and play the sport Oct 14~
  • Verdict: TBA

Grand Fantasia (“GF”)

  • Indications: Slowdown when run on the highest graphical settings, but enhanced significantly when set to medium/low settings
  • Verdict: Tolerable, but getting also many factors on-monitor manufactured it really slow for 50 %-seconds, regular deaths happening mid-animation was frustrating.

Kingdom Heroes (“KH”)

  • Signs or symptoms: A great deal of slowdown when operate on max in-recreation visible options, but turning off options for distance rendering, drinking water, product depth and ecosystem animation relieved some of the slowdown
  • Verdict: Unplayable. Drive to get pleasure from the visual and graphical fullness of KH was unfulfilled, and beneath my latest system’s status, not well worth my time.

Kitsu Saga (“KS”)

  • Symptons: Ran just a tad slower than GF (being that they are similar games), but KS did need a pair hundred megahertz far more than its cousin, resulting in quite a little bit of slowdown on full graphics options. Other than that, it played great and location graphics reduced + a high-speed online relationship resulted in a rather fantastic time. Apart from, it wasn’t the graphics that captivated me to it – it was the foxes and the hope that it would be a superior game than GF (but I even now enjoy GF)
  • Verdict: Extremely playable if you might be eager to sacrifice a minor little bit of graphics, but you will however have to have a quite secure World wide web connection.

Previous Chaos (“LC”)

  • Signs: Some visible slowdown when the display filled with 20 or a lot more enemies/players, but runs smoothly with considerably less on-screen models
  • Verdict: Tolerable, plays fine the way it is if you accept the reality you may perhaps just take a number of hits for the duration of a flurry

Famous Champions (“LGC”)

  • Indications: Variety of a mix among GF and KH – graphics are not that excellent to get started with but dumbing them down didn’t really look to make a big visible difference, but for my machine, lessened the slowdown a great deal but even now choppy. PVP was really extreme even with a substantial pace Online connection, but to be anticipated with all the pking and pwning.
  • Verdict: Rather playable, but a much better machine would do wonders. CB was a PVP fest, OB will hopefully have less PVP orgies and a superior likelihood to love the surroundings and questing with a number of people.


  • Signs or symptoms: Incredibly related effectiveness to that of LC, but some spell casting and glowing weapons’ animations slowed down when used simultaneously by a number of characters
  • Verdict: Tolerable, identical to LC

Shin Megami Tensei (“Megaten”)

  • Signs: Way too several people/enemies on monitor built it choppy, and keeping up with celebration coordination was considerably belated and not very good for teamwork
  • Verdict: Tolerable, with some hesitance to enjoy in coop struggle. All right if I go it by itself.

Twelve Sky 2 (“12Sky2”)

  • Indicators: Easy play for the most aspect, diminished graphical options enhanced perform and animations, but coop-participate in and quests with 20+ enemies have been really challenging to survive
  • Verdict: Suitable-to-in the vicinity of-Tolerable, actually comparable to Kingdom Heroes but the simplicity of the 3-d versions made use of almost certainly lowered the burden on my laptop or computer

Wolf Team (“WT”)

  • Indicators: Clean participate in until eventually much more than 5 persons are on screen, then accuracy and motion is strained and choppy even soon after minimizing configurations.
  • Verdict: Tolerable but your get rid of-death ratio due to slowdown, packet decline and ping fee (broadband relationship or greater is hugely encouraged) may possibly endure enormously