Clan Wars MMORPG Game

Clan Wars is one of those free MMORPG that continues to grow in popularity very fast. This game doesn’t require too much from your system. You need at least 1.8 GHz processor, and what is the most crucial a broadband internet connection.

Clan Wars action takes place in an imaginary world named “Aphelion”. You can find a lot of links between the writings of Tobias R. Batton and the way this game’s story is depicted.

This browser MMORPG is a great way for people to interact. Even though players have to fight against each other for experience points this doesn’t mean that they cannot speak. Many top ranked players might be ferocious enemies during the game, but in real life they can be good friends or neighbours. After all what makes MMORPG so attractive is that anyone can live a completely new way of life, even if that life might be only virtual.

The games allows the creation of clans where many people can gather with a single purpose to crush the enemies.

In game currency is named “geldors” and it can be earned through wins and losses. The character is named Disciple. This Disciple can be improved by distributing the kill habits on character’s titles and traits that will increase the play style and the personality of your disciple.

The game has 3 classes, 3 races and 3 deities to choose from when starting to play. The quests and all other activities that your character will perform can be influenced by the decision you take when you choose your type of disciple.

Each class of character has its advantages and disadvantages. Any player need to know all this information in order to be able to succeed in the attack or to defend himself efficiently. The game forum can be a gold mine for information. On the forum the experienced or less experienced players can share their experience. Unfortunately even when playing one has to perform the tedious task of learning thoroughly.

The soldiers from Clan Wars are named warlords. Their weapon range include big swards, shields and heavy armor.  Bloodletter class can be compared with highly trained assassins from police novels. These type of character from the game is based on precision and agility. They will learn everything about human anatomy. Don’t worry you don’t have to take them in med school, they will learn through upgrades in game. Because of the fact that their attack is based on precision they wear small daggers and light leather armors.

What any war MMORPG would be without a spell caster type class. This game is no different. You can be a shaman that can use the power of natural forces to defeat the enemy.

The game has more to offer than I am able to write in this short article. Overall I have found myself diving for a couple of hours in this game.  This game is totally free to join and play, but there are a few premium features that you may choose to advance faster into the game ranking.