Eat Stop Eat Honest Review

What Is Eat Stop Eat

The Eat Stop Eat, is a revolutionary eating style which is actually one of the many eating patterns surrounding the intermittent fasting scene. It was invented by a nutritional expert called Brad Pilon, who worked for several years at the core of the biggest supplement firms in the bodybuilding scene.

However eventually Brad had gotten enough of the supplement firms, and decided to start researching the subject of fasting and how to create an e-book that would finally reveal the supplement industry’s biggest secrets to normal average Joe’s.

The Basic Idea Of Eat Stop Eat

The whole diet as said above is one of the many patterns of intermittent fasting. It includes 24 hour long fasts which have been proven by studies, to raise growth hormone levels by 2000%.

That’s right, 2000% increase in Human Growth Hormone levels by 24 hour long fasts, it’s a studied fact that can be found in the e-book itself. In fact the whole e-book is completely based on over 200 peer-reviewed and respected studies.

The Benefits Of Eat Stop Eat

This revolutionary eating style is filled with a huge list of benefits for the human body and some of these benefits include – increased growth hormone levels, increased testosterone levels, increased muscle mass, increased cognitive ability, decreases insulin, decreases cortisol, improves metabolic rate, burns fat effectively, and anybody can do it.

Side effects of Eat Stop Eat

There’s only one side effect to the whole pattern, and it’s the fact that sometimes when people start this eating style, they tend to go absolutely crazy after the required 24 hour fasts. By going crazy I mean that they tend to start over consuming food like a mad person.

Brad himself admits that this is a problem for some of the users, however it’s just a matter of personal discipline, and I for example was easily able to overcome those needs to eat like a horse after a long fast.

What You’ll Find Inside The E-Book

The e-book in itself is a 200 page pdf file which is really easy to read and digest even by average person who has no idea about metabolism or endocrine system in itself.

It offers valuable information not on only weight loss, but also on weight lifting and lifestyle changes.

In my opinion this e-book is a must if you really want to go under 10% body fat, but it really needs you to have some discipline, because it’s not the easiest diet in the world.