Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates

Nearly each individual human being feels a longing for companionship. At periods we may possibly have an understanding of this wish as a directive toward union with God, and at other periods, as a motivation for union with an additional person.

Two strategies occur jointly in the content from the Edgar Cayce readings relating to the choice of a companion-particularly a existence spouse. To start with is the theory that we are right here in the earth for the reason of development and growth in consciousness. What is additional, associations with some men and women are much more conducive to development than associations with many others consequently, it is prudent to choose thoroughly our companions. This theory is probably uncomplicated for us to accept if we simply replicate on the kinds of impact a variety of mates and acquaintances have experienced on us in the previous. The influence is most powerful in a marriage romance, and a excellent union should be launched upon a shared intent in daily life and the potential to support each other to develop.

The 2nd theory relates to reincarnation: We as spiritual beings (or souls) expertise our expansion in consciousness through a series of lifetimes in bodily human kind. In other text, we have been in the earth lots of moments prior to, and additional precisely have experienced close private interactions with unique souls. Attraction to an additional particular person and thoughts of marriage could quite most likely be connected to memory patterns (even unconscious reminiscences!) of owning been with that soul in the distant past. In the readings, Cayce prompt that, typically, we are attracted to a unique human being for marriage in this life time mainly because of this kind of a romantic relationship at minimum the moment right before.

But if reincarnation is a truth, we could possibly expect that we have been married to a lot of souls in the course of other incarnations. Which just one of these partnerships is the ideal a person to create on now, in this everyday living? Does each individual individual have accurately a single other special soul that it is meant to be with anytime probable?

Many sources of psychic facts and other metaphysical teachings have proposed concepts this kind of as “soul mate” and “twin soul.” The Cayce readings, despite the fact that simultaneously increasing some provocative inquiries, do lose some mild on this subject.

In the starting, as was outlined, there was introduced that that grew to become as the Sons of God, in that male and woman ended up as just one… Looking at 364-7

A basic issue is the really character of the soul. Is it male or female? Both equally or neither? The readings propose that the soul alone does not have gender.

On the other hand, in order to learn and improve, a soul enters into the physical area (which is characterized by such polarities as light-weight/darkish, good/negative, wondering/sensation, and many others.) and chooses to incarnate in a male or feminine expression. Very likely, in the lengthy-selection growth of the soul around many incarnations, male and feminine activities are desired. In deciding upon one particular gender in excess of the other in a individual life span, a problem is normally established in which a equilibrium or enhance is necessary, these as can be discovered in a marriage companion. This is not to say that essential religious development is not possible in the course of a everyday living without having marriage relatively, the marriage marriage is one particular terrific avenue for improvement.

Probably this sample of progress has not always been the usual way. Some readings counsel that in historical prehistory, such as the times of Atlantis additional than 12,000 decades ago, a soul could incarnate in such a way that male and female features were being manifested at the same time. It is not crystal clear what sort the bodily overall body took in these scenarios. A person particular person was explained to in a looking through about an Atlantean incarnation: “for then both male and feminine might be-desired so-in one.” (288-27)

What, then, is a soul mate? Is it the soul that just one has married in the most incarnations? Frequency of relationship may be a person aspect simply because, according to Cayce, standing as soul mates is developed by shared actual physical experiences above a long period of time. On the other hand, a additional specific knowledge is this: A soul mate is a complement to oneself. A single examining poetically describes it as “the tongue to the groove, the tenon to the mortise…” (1556-2) It is much more than merely a bodily attraction it is a potential to assist each other at the bodily, mental, and spiritual degrees.

Yet another interpretation of the term “soul mates” was offered by Hugh Lynn Cayce, who was existing for a variety of the readings his father gave on this matter. He wrote: “The plan of soul mates and affinities is carefully similar to the idea of reincarnation as spelled out by way of the Edgar Cayce readings. Two souls may perhaps, in a range of incarnations, mature incredibly close with each other in their pattern of spiritual evolution. These souls will want the help and aid of each and every other as they evolve and for this reason, in any 1 incarnation, will be drawn intently jointly due to the fact of their a lot of past associations and the intricate entwining of their respective personalities.”

Position as soul mates is also a make a difference of beliefs. 1 crucial passage mentioned: “This sort of as have in an experience observed an perfect may possibly be said to be soul mates, and no marriages [are] created in heaven nor by the Father save as each individual do His biddings.” (275-38)

These requirements recommend that a single could have additional than a solitary soul mate, although these types of a fact is not explicitly spelled out in any Cayce looking at. Having said that, we really should, no question, be cautious about leaving a recent marriage spouse just mainly because of an attraction to somebody else. In all probability, the quite similar problems and “options” we are at present experiencing would be the very same no matter of which associate we have in our life-in relationships we most frequently appear to conditions with those issues we have to have to perform on in ourselves, even even though we could sometimes assume of our lover as getting the resource of our aggravation. These who appear across the strategy of soul mates immediately after acquiring by now married can even now rest confident that their companion is, in reality, a “soul mate.”

For people who are solitary and who would like to uncover their soul mate, what do the Cayce readings have to provide?

First, they advise picking out another person who will help you to a “extra valuable, additional sustaining, extra the effectively-rounded lifestyle…” (364-7) In modern day language, we might say that we are searching for someone who has the “right vibrations” for us. In reality, this is a phrase made use of in the readings in describing the type of practical experience that may be felt concerning soul mates: “with the union of two that vibrate or answer to all those vibrations in self…” (364-7) Jointly, the two would assist just one a further in acquiring a balanced life.

But even if we obtain someone who fits these criteria-an individual who is perhaps a soul mate-this does not assurance a great marriage. The two will even now have to get the job done jointly in buy for the excellent opportunity of the romantic relationship to flower. This is what the readings appeared to recommend in the following query-and-reply exchange. We may well believe that the dilemma, in influence, asked whether or not or not these two people today ended up soul mates.

Q. Is this lady the kind and quality of womanhood most effective suited to this guy for a prosperous life? A. Could be designed so in each and every. No one particular is suited particularly in the starting, unless it has been fore-ordained via the ages of the mating of every. (Reading through 257-15)

The remaining assertion is not plainly explained. We may realize “fore-ordained” to consist of a preference created by the two souls in advance of being born this time, or it may perhaps relate to really sturdy bonds created around many lifetimes of being married (i.e., “the mating of just about every”).

A idea related to that of soul mates is “twin souls.” When Cayce employed this expression in the readings, he did not imply to suggest that two souls had been identical. In its place, it is two souls sharing a popular goal or ideal. They would not necessarily have experienced prior relationship incarnations. In other text, the soul-mate issue is mostly developed in the material aircraft of expertise (though, as earlier stated, it has mental and spiritual factors past just sexual attraction). Even so, the twin-soul affliction evolves additional from a commonality in the nonmaterial realm-at the plan or best amount.

A single illustration of twin souls, according to the Cayce readings, is Jesus and His mother, Mary. 1 studying states: “In the starting Mary was the twin-soul of the Grasp in the entrance into the earth!” (5749-8)

Last but not least, we may talk to ourselves, “Exactly where does this issue of soul mates and twin souls direct us? Is our future to locate and be reunited with some other exclusive soul?” Such is not the issue of check out in the Cayce materials. They refer to Jesus’ instructing that, in the heavenly kingdom, we are neither married nor supplied in marriage. As useful as marriage interactions may well be in the earth, past this material domain, it is our future to locate wholeness inside our very own souls. If one particular must consider in conditions of becoming destined to greatest union with some other soul, then think of that other soul as the Christ Soul. One particular reading through produced the issue this way: “But know, the soul is relatively the soul-mate of the common consciousness than of an personal entity.” (2988-2)

The theory of soul mates and twin souls are, therefore, possibly each beneficial and deceptive. These ideas can help us recognize some of the key elements in making a intelligent preference of a relationship husband or wife and can remind us that some interactions are huge storehouses of adore and helpfulness which can be reawakened. However, these concepts can be deceptive if we neglect that our final companion is the Christ, or if we are tempted to depart the tasks of relationships to which we have now committed ourselves in this life time.