Fort Huachuca, AZ: A Spouse’s Review

Knowing your next post is essential to quickly assimilating into your new home. We all look on social media, Google the next post/city, and check all the links on the official webpage. However, we also know that all that research is just not enough. No one, and no thing, can tell it to you like another military spouse. So here’s my review of Fort Huachuca, AZ.

1. Housing

Housing on Fort Huachuca is in transition. So, it’s hard to give an accurate review of the physical homes. However, every neighborhood has at least one playground and there are more located around post. This is great for families with children toddler age through middle school. The housing office is helpful and maintenance does a good job.

Housing is limited right now, so many are living off post in the city of Sierra Vista. This community is very military friendly and offers adequate housing for your BAH.

There is temporary lodging available now that is fairly nice. However, there is a new hotel currently under construction that promises to be very nice.

2. Amenities On Post

The amenities on post are good. The commissary is fully stocked most of the time. There are two workout facilities, one with a children’s play area. There are indoor and outdoor pools as well as several community centers. There are limited restaurants in the PX and the PX is moderately sized. The bowling alley is nice but the movie theater has been closed. The education center is nice and there are many classes offered at the Arts & Craft center (to include ages toddler through adult).

Cochise College has a satellite facility on post, which is nice and convenient. There are two gas stations, one open 24 hours, and a decent sized thrift store. The ACS available is fantastic and highly recommended.

3. Amenities Off Post

Sierra Vista is the community outside of post. It offers just about anything you need. What cannot be found in Sierra Vista can be found in Tucson (about an hour away) or Phoenix (less than 2 hours away). Kmart, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, a shopping mall, various fast food and sit-down restaurants, groceries and consignment stores.

There is not a library on post, so the local Sierra Vista library is where you need to go. It is large and very nice. It also has a used bookstore where you can purchase, or get for free, donated books.

4. Medical

Fort Huachuca does not have emergency services or a hospital on post. You must utilize urgent care, ER, and hospital services in Sierra Vista. However, they do have doctor offices on post. It is efficient and the staff is friendly. You do need to make appointments roughly one month in advance. There are two pharmacies on post as well as a massage parlor. Both have friendly and knowledgeable staff.

5. Childcare

There are several facilities for childcare that offer full time care to hourly care and they are expanding. Get on the waiting list as soon as you know you are moving here. The lists are long. This applies to the SKIES classes as well.

There are plenty of childcare facilities off post as well, both religious and non-religious. And there are many parks and classes available as well. Many of these can be found on the city’s government site.