How to Make Your Girlfriend Never Forget You

There’s one thing that will make you stand out from all the other guys in the world and that is the ability to inspire. Inspire your woman for a greater purpose. Change her from the inside, change the way she sees the world. Help her stand out and help her live a more happy life. Do it successfully and you’ll never be forgotten, for that I’m sure.

Don’t ever doubt if you can do this because yes, for sure you CAN! Help her find what she wants in life and make her understand and believe how important is to do it. Inspire her, change her, make her better. If you do it, you’ll naturally gain a special place in her life. Everyone is looking for something more. Find that something and help her achieve it, show her it’s possible. Teach her that the most important thing in life is to be happy. Help her find the way to be so. If she is already, help her be even more.

Leave something inside every girl that is special for you and you’ll never be one more guy in her life – you’ll be the man who changed her. Be a before and after in her life. Years will go by and perhaps many men will go through her life, but you will never be one more. Make her discover what she wants in life, in a man, or any aspect of her existence. Do it. Do it from your heart, believe what you say and what you tell them. Don’t bluff, be a great man. Down to earth, human but ambitious – make it clear that dreams should be high.

Definitely it’s not easy to be an inspirational figure, but it’s worth it to go all the way to become one. You have to speak about your and her dreams, what’s all you want in life. And you have to remind her and yourself that the key for happiness and success is to make all these dreams come true. Show her the way and do the impossible yourself, defeat all the pessimists and leave your girl shocked.

For example, at a dinner in Vienna I swore in front of all my friends I would learn how to speak German in just two months. Those who didn’t know me laughed and those you did know me looked at me strangely. Two months later, speaking fluently and working with the language, I left everyone speechless. Break your heart working for your dreams, push your limits to the highest you can imagine.

Set the example with yourself. If your objective is to get a beautiful woman for a girlfriend, work like crazy for it. Turn the world around and don’t be afraid! Do it, work for your dreams. If this is what you dream, it will deserve all the attention and commitment in the world, all your effort. Find your purpose and don’t lie down.

Never give up, pursue your dreams until the last moment of your life, until your very last breath. Never, never settle for less! Be crazy about your dreams and teach her how to be too. I can guarantee it’s going to work. And always know I’ll be here to help you.