Introduction to the Playstation 3 (PS3)

The Sony PlayStation 3 console is without doubt the hottest item on the market at this moment. Thousands of individuals are searching for one to purchase, unfortunately most retail stores throughout the United States are only able to stock a handful. People were reported to be camping outside these stores the night before to get their hands on one. Due to their limited stock some stores choose to give each person who showed up on the release date a ticked. Then drew their numbers from a box, those with the lucky tickets had the pleasure of purchasing the PlayStation 3 console.

For anyone that was unfortunate to miss out on purchasing from a retailer, it is going to cost a lot more to get one elsewhere. Ads are appearing in the newspapers all the time offering them for sale. Online auction site eBay and Yahoo Auctions are selling them like hotcakes. The opening bids in many cases are several hundred dollars more than the system would cost you retail. For those parents that dont want to disappoint their children for this much anticipated console, the cost is not an issue. Many gaming enthusiasts are also trying their hardest to grab hold of the new PlayStation 3.

The retail price of the PlayStation 3 console is on average $499.00. You may be lucky to find it a bit less if you shop around, but that price is the general ballpark figure. At the time of writing this article, I had a quick glance on eBay to notice that they are currently selling between $800 and $1,250 on eBay. If your not one of the many gaming enthusiasts you may be wondering what it is about the PlayStation 3 that is leading such a demand.

If you get you hands on the latest hot property, be careful. In some cases, shoppers have been mobbed for their console as soon as they started out of the store. Only to have left empty handed within minutes because of thieves. Also, the number of break-ins that are taking place around the Nation of electronics stores is unimaginable. In most cases, all that was taken was the stock of PlayStation 3 consoles. This all seems a bit harsh to me, but it is happening.

So, what is included with the PlayStation 3 console? Firstly, it incorporates outstanding memory capabilities. You are able to play games on it as well as watch your favourite movies. The games for PlayStation 1 & 2 are intended to work on the PlayStation 3 Console, and you will be able to experience high definition on them. The PlayStation 3 is reported to be the most powerful video games console on the market at present; it’s twice the power of the Xbox. It has also be designed to be 35 times more powerful than its predecessor, the PlayStation 2.

An additional benefit of your PlayStation 3 console is that it can be used for online gaming free. You have the choice to download games from the internet as well as videos to the consoles hard drive. Onto the technical stuff, the PlayStation 3 comes equipped with 256 MB main RAM @ 3.2 GHz and 256 MB VRAM @ 700 MHz. The system is equipped with Dolby sound for great quality. The higher specification in the system is very evident in the graphics of the games.

The PlayStation 3 console is the most in-demand item at present. Game players all around the world have been anticipating the arrival of the PlayStation 3. It is still to be released worldwide. The expected launch date for the territories of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia is 23rd March 2007. It is expected that there will be approximately 1 million units available at launch date, which will be split over all PAL territories.