The Burlingame Endgame Murders Dilemma: What Really Happened to American Airlines Flight 77?

The old mystery conundrum, “Who killed Cock Robin?”, has promoted the creation of many attractively scheming works of literary fiction over the last two centuries in which the creative authors have endeavored to give the human mind puzzling homicide scenarios to contemplate with the hope of solving. While a great many Americans spend countless hours of their time reading Agatha Christie, James Patterson, Dashiell Hammett, and the numerous other contemporary writers of murder mysteries, some grotesque real-life homicides, 3000-plus, were committed on September 11, 2001, on one day, which required at that time an equal, or greater, amount of deductive reasoning and sound forensic investigation to solve. Sixty-four of those murders might be case-filed under the name, “The perplexing Burlingame Endgame Murders,” named after the command pilot of the American Airlines Flight 77, and the fifty-eight passengers, and other five members of the crew, on-board the Boeing 757, and, of course, that intriguing final part of a chess game that always demands an extra-special attention to detail which, according to the federal government, was allegedly flown into the west wall of the Pentagon at allegedly 9:37 a.m. on 9/11 by an Arab hijacker, Hani Hanjour.

My thought processes were acutely stimulated recently while listening to the Larry O’Connor Show, on WMAL, 105.9 FM, on Tuesday September 11, 2017. During that radio show, I was intrigued, if not very puzzled, by the statements of Debra Burlingame, the younger sister of the deceased Flight 77 pilot, Charles Burlingame, about what supposedly happened on September 11, 2001, at the Pentagon. Debra, supposedly a veteran lawyer, has, since 9/11, continually parroted the federal version of what happened to Flight 77, a scheduled American Airlines Boeing 757 jet flight from Washington, DC to Los Angles, California being hijacked in-flight and flown by the high-jacker, Hanjour, into the Pentagon, insisting that her brother, and the other 63 crew and passengers who were listed on an American Airlines Flight 77 manifest, were killed when the jet airliner made impact with the Pentagon’s western wall at, supposedly, 450 mph at about 60 feet above the ground. What is utterly baffling about these alleged facts is why Debra has supported, for nearly sixteen-years, a series of assertions about the death of her dear brother, which could not have possibly occurred due to scientific impossibility.

Since 9/11, many scientifically “correct” facts about what “really” happened at the Pentagon on that awful day have emerged from thorough forensic and scientific examinations and analyses of the dubious facts alleged by the federal government immediately after the Pentagon incident and, later, in its published 500-plus page tome, “The Report of 9/11 Commission.” As a former deputy sheriff for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, I graduated from the 72nd San Diego County Sheriff’s Academy in June 1985 after an intense exposure to criminal forensics. Before that, I had studied inorganic chemistry for one year in an engineering program at Tyler Junior College (TJC), in Tyler, Texas, and, after completing a baccalaureate degree at U.T. Tyler, I completed my first, and only, year of law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, in San Diego, California. Later, in 1992, I took an M.A. Degree from the University of Texas at Tyler, which included a graduate-level course in forensic chemistry. Hence, I came to view the events, and federally alleged facts, at the Pentagon with the eyes of a suspicious forensically trained cop, which led me to see a completely different set of facts, as I will set forth in this article.

Invariably, when large military or commercial jet aircraft crash into mountains, into the ground, and into buildings and skyscrapers the crashes of these airplanes leave a great deal of wreckage, especially engine component wreckage. The composite structure of a Boeing 757 contains ten-tons of titanium and steel engine components, which should have been quite visible after such an aircraft crashed into the western wall of the Pentagon, and the damaging impact of those engine parts should have caused the grassy well-kept grounds around, and near, the crash site to be greatly disturbed, gouged, and plainly messed-up. Yet, the facts show that the first media news crew to arrive at the Pentagon site directly after the alleged crash, a CNN news-crew presented a seventy-second broadcast wherein the CNN reporter, Jamie McIntyre, stated that he “did not see a crashed Boeing 757 jet airliner on the west side of the Pentagon, where the wall was damaged.” He had flatly stated that “if there was a crash of a large jet, it must have been short of the Pentagon, for the wreckage that is on the Pentagon grounds must have been that belonging to some type of much smaller aircraft.” In the news-clip, McIntyre looked plainly confused, and that seventy-second broadcast via CNN was never again shown on national television on, or after, 9/11. Thank goodness for the invention of the DVR, for if recording devices across the nation, in the living rooms of millions of television watchers, had not been running at that moment, that television broadcast segment would have been lost to history, and, in all probability, the existence of it would have been denied by CNN and the federal government. Jamie McIntyre’s subsequent denial, in 2002, of what he had reported seeing at the Pentagon came in early 2002, when concerned citizens who had seen and heard his short-lived news-flash began questioning the federally alleged facts. The denial by McIntyre about what he had seen and heard on the morning of 9/11 was clearly coerced through some type of intimidation; as much as was the 1947 denial statement of U.S. Air Force Major Jesse Martel, the Air Force intelligence officer who had first stated that he had clearly seen the remains of a crashed flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico. He had later confessed that had been ordered by a commanding Air Force general to appear in an officially published Air Force picture and say that what he had seen was from the crash of a weather balloon, instead of what he had really seen. A movie was subsequently made about Martel’s denial, featuring Martin Sheen as a reporter who had found and interviewed Jesse Martel at an Army Air Corps reunion.

Another startling factor that enters into the Flight 77 conundrum is the fact that the “only” evidence for the hijacking of the Boeing 757 was the alleged cell phone calls to Theodore “Ted” Olson, the USDOJ’s solicitor general, from his wife, the well-known CNN correspondent Barbara Olson, supposedly during the flight of AA 77. Olson had reported that his wife called him twice from Flight 77. Borrowing from Chapter 5 of Dr. David Ray Griffin’s 2011 book, “9/11 Ten Years Later: When state Crimes Against Democracy Succeed,” “Chapter 5 turns to the chief method through which the (conspiratorial) perpetrators convinced the American people that the attacks had been orchestrated by Muslims: the apparent phone calls from the 9/11 planes, through which Americans were first told that Middle Eastern men had hijacked four airliners. This information was provided by a leading member of the Bush-Cheney administration, the Department of Justice’s solicitor general, Theodore “Ted” Olson, who told CNN, and hence the world, that his wife, well-known CNN correspondent Barbara Olson, informed him that her plane, American Airlines 77, had been hijacked by men armed with knives and box-cutters. In 2006, it became public knowledge (by means of the FBI’s evidence provided for the trial for Zacarias Moussaoui) that Ted Olson’s report – that his wife had talked to him twice from AA 77 – was not true. This could hardly have been more important, given the fact that the alleged phone calls had provided the evidence that the planes had been hijacked, combined with the fact that the first and most important conveyor of this reported evidence was Ted Olson. And yet the American media, which have the responsibility of reporting the information to the American public have never reported the FBI’s acknowledgment that the Olson calls never happened. This chapter also treats other evidence that the “phone calls from the planes” never happened.”

As far as actual pictures, or video camera footage, showing a Boeing 757 flying toward the Pentagon, circling the Pentagon in the sky, and flying from the west at 60 feet above the ground into the Pentagon’s western wall, there are none; except one that was released by the federal government over three years after 9/11 showing only the “extremely unidentifiable nose” of some type of aircraft pointed toward the western Pentagon wall; which was, and still is, totally inadequate in determining that it was a Boeing 757. There were, however, working video cameras installed at an operating Citgo service station adjacent to Pentagon, and on a high floor of a nearby hotel, which were aimed at the sky where the 757 jet had allegedly approached the Pentagon. The tapes for these particular cameras were suspiciously seized by the FBI not more than ten minutes after whatever hit the Pentagon had done its damage, and have never been revealed to the American public. Currently, the FBI claims that “there were never any such tapes, and, if there were, they cannot be found.” These suspicious facts make the (only) two eye-witness statements for the federal story, which claim to have seen a Boeing 757 approaching the Pentagon, highly dubious; for if there were two reputable people who saw the plane, there must have been many more who saw the same thing. Now, about what spokes-people for the federal government, people from the NIST, the FAA, and the FBI, said about the wreckage of the Boeing 757, which should have been very visible on the Pentagon grounds after such a crash on 9/11. During those weeks, months, and years following 9/11, federal representatives stated over-and-over, with straight faces, that the entire jet aircraft, the entire Boeing 757 fuselage, air-frame, and the ten-tons of titanium and steel engine parts were totally “vaporized” by the fiery heat produced from the crash of the jet into the Pentagon wall.

Well, I’ve seen the pictures of the wreckage of crashed U.S. Air Force C-141 Starlifters, when the aircraft and the four large jet engines crashed into mountains and the ground at approximately 500 mph., and there were great amounts of engine wreckage remaining. You see, the JP-4 kerosene jet fuel fire created in the crashs of large jet aircraft will cause those aircraft to burn at no more than 850 degrees Fahrenheit. For steel and titanium to melt, much less vaporize, there must a temperature of more than 2,000 degrees. In the real crash of a Boeing 757 jet airliner into a brick/concrete wall, a fire would be created that would burn at no more than 850 degrees, and an 850 degree fire would not cause steel and titanium to vaporize, much less melt. For an aircraft to vaporize in a crash, the fire and heat must be, at least, 10,000 degrees, since all matter must go from a solid state, to a liquid state, and to a gaseous state through stages of elemental change. For pieces of steel and titanium to instantaneously transform in a gas, or vaporize (bypassing the liquid stage) the temperature must be extreme, and in some cases, greater than the heat created by the most potent chemical accelerants known to man.

Therefore, there is no reasonable doubt that if a Boeing 757 had crashed into the Pentagon’s western wall, a great amount of wreckage would have remained, which makes CNN reporter Jamie McIntyre’s first, suddenly disappeared, television report a correct observation of the Pentagon at approximately 9:30 a.m. on the morning of 9/11. So, if the American Airlines Flight 77, from Dulles to LAX, did not crash into the Pentagon, what caused the 16-foot gaping hole in the Pentagon wall and the homicides that occurred during the melee; and what happened to the real Flight 77 that left Dulles at 8:20 a.m. on 9/11? The years of hard investigatory work done by noted engineers, physicists, and forensic experts, who have freely contributed their efforts to the ongoing pursuit of truth by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (, have produced some astounding results that are beyond dispute. Some other type of airborne missile or much smaller aircraft was remotely projected or flown into the Pentagon wall.

The very obvious lies and deceptions that were made parts of the 200 million dollar federal 9/11 investigation and its lackluster product, “The Report of the 9/11 Commission, convey to the reasonable human mind a particularly sinister depiction of what could have been nothing less than the horrible results of criminal conspiracy. The “Report’s” particularly incriminating omission of any mention of the complete collapse of the Solomon Building, WTC Building 7, at free-fall speed in a manner identical to remote controlled demolition at approximately 5:15 p.m. on 9/11, is a fact that contributes to the verbal testimonies of numerous eye-witnesses, who normally worked on different floors of that particular building; that the federal employees of the CIA office, on the 10th floor of Building 7, were busily involved in the operation of a peculiar, obviously secret, project during the morning and early afternoon hours of 9/11, and that they, and all the other building occupants were suddenly evacuated from the Building at approximately 4:15 p.m., for some reason unknown to the occupants. One of the witnesses had heard that Building 7 was going to be “pulled,” a term used in the process of “controlled demolition.”

The deductive conclusions formed by investigators were that WTC Building 7 was the CIA/NSA command center for all of the 9/11 conspiracy implementation operations (for the WTC, the Pentagon, and wherever else operations were being conducted). Confidential informants for have provided information that intelligence agencies of the federal government, mainly the CIA and the NSA, were responsible for the collapses of the WTC Towers and the events at the Pentagon. Is this hard to believe? Of course it is! What rational member of the American electorate would believe that the federal government would conspiratorially orchestrate the murders of over 3,000 innocent human beings? That was the expected human reaction on which the federal government agencies involved in the conspiracy were counting. So, extending the reasonable deductions beyond the collapses of the WTC Towers and Building 7 to Flight 77, the reasonable person must consider that if 3,000 innocent human lives perished needlessly in New York, why would the lives of the 58 passengers and six crew members of Flight 77, plus those people slain at the Pentagon, matter to the federal government?

Do you suppose that Wendy Burlingame, the 33 year old daughter of Charles Burlingame, had started to deductively put two-and-two together by 2006, in order to conclude that Flight 77 had not crashed into the Pentagon, but, instead, had been flown from Dulles to some unknown out-of-the-way airstrip, the passengers deplaned by CIA/NSA agents, and executed in cold blood? Is it reasonable, or merely fantasy, to suspect that Wendy was subsequently murdered in an arson fire that consumed her in her U.S. Army veteran boyfriend’s apartment on December 6, 2006, to permanently quiet her vocalized suspicions and allegations? The arson investigators who officially probed the fire included two, unnamed, federal agents, according to the Guttenberg, New Jersey City Fire Department, which had responded to the two-alarm fire. In most cases, a fire-chief of a particular city has the sole responsibility of publicly reporting that a fire was not the result of arson, but, in this particular case, the Hudson County District Attorney, Edward Defazio, took the role of stating publicly for the record that “no accelerant was used in the fire” and that arson could be ruled-out. Hence, there must have been an original suspicion of arson and criminal activity emanating from the county D.A. that surrounded the unusual conflagration. Several independent investigators certainly thought so, which leads the reasonable person to suspect that the fire might have been deliberately set, in some manner, to murder Wendy Burlingame; since the crime of murder is defined as the unlawful killing of one human by another with malice aforethought, or criminal negligence.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, pure unadulterated scientific fact will, in nearly all thorough murder investigations, eventually trump conspiratorial lies and misrepresentations about speculative events and happenings. Inquiring human minds with knowledge of physical science and forensics, minds that are deductive and intuitive, will always succeed in ferreting-out the unscientific and illogical discrepancies in a criminal investigation, even if false public perception, created by the media, keeps those conclusions from being believed. The willingness of the human mind to accept fact over contrived fiction, and the propaganda that promotes I false perception is the crux of the issue. The investigation of the suspicious deaths of truth-revealing witnesses and whistle-blowers in the wake of a criminal conspiracy promotes a cogent linkage of evidence that will lead, directly or indirectly, to the identification of the conspirators. As such, to add to the suspicious death of Wendy Burlingame, the mysterious death of Beverly Eckert, who lost her husband on 9/11, thickens the plot and adds weight to the evidence for conspiracy. Beverly, like Wendy, didn’t buy into the federal explanation for 9/11, and was one of the original 9/11 victims’ families who organized to seek truthful disclosure about what really happened to the WTC Twin Towers and Building 7. According to Beverly, before she was killed she was offered a considerable amount of money from agents of the federal government to remain silent about her 9/11 concerns, but she refused the money and was adamant about not remaining quiet. A week before she died in a very mysterious commuter airplane crash, on February 12, 2009, Beverly Eckert met with Barack Obama at the White House representing 9/11 victims’ families advocating a new full fact-disclosing investigation of 9/11. Was Beverly murdered, along with the other human beings in that commuter plane crash, by the federal government to silence her persistent 9/11 petitions?

The mysterious death of Kenneth Johannemann, a janitor for both of the WTC Twin Towers, who was working on 9/11, was another incident that smacks of conspiracy. Kenneth was working in the north WTC Twin Tower on September 11, 2001, when he distinctly heard explosions coming from the tower basement and from upper-floors of the tower. In fact, Kenneth rescued a victim of full-body burns from the basement explosion, which occurred at the base, and not the top, of the North Tower. On October 31, 2008, seven years after 9/11, Kenneth was found dead, the victim of a gunshot to the head. A note was found saying that Kenneth was depressed after being evicted from his residence; but Johannemann’s large caring family testified that one of his cousins had offered him a place to live, and that he wasn’t a person prone to depression. According to all that knew him, Kenneth was not depressed in the days and weeks leading up his death, and regularly told his account of what he had scene and heard in the North WTC Tower to public gatherings. Perhaps that was his fatal error, stating the truth of really happened in the North Tower on 9/11. An article by Montreal journalist and writer Craig McKee regarding William Rodriguez, a fellow-janitor at the WTC, and friend of Kenneth Johannemann, indicates that he, both, saw and heard exactly what Kenneth had observed on the morning of 9/11. A portion of the article is included below:

“No matter how well known he (Rodriguez) is within the 9/11 Truth movement (in fact he’s one of its best known figures), very few others have heard the things he has to say – things that make the purveyors of the official federal story very nervous. That’s because if what he reports is true, then the official story can’t be true. That official version contends that airplane impacts and the resulting fires were solely responsible for the collapse of the Twin Towers. But if his account of explosions in the basement of the North Tower is true, then there must be a great deal more to the story. In the documentary, “9/11 Mysteries,” Rodriguez describes what happened while he was in the building’s sub-basement, level B1: “All of the sudden, we heard a huge explosion. It was an explosion that came from under my feet, meaning that it came from the sub levels between B2 and B3.” Rodriguez adds that after the basement explosion, he heard the impact of the impact that has been reported to be Flight 11 hitting the North Tower. “And there was a huge explosion at the top of the building. You could hear the difference from the bottom and all the way to the top. The one from the top, which was actually seconds after, was very far away. The one in the basement was pretty loud and you felt your actual feet moving with the floor. There was a tremor through the walls, that the walls cracked and the false ceiling totally collapsed.”

Therefore, in summation, ALL of the true relevant and material facts surrounding what actually happened on 9/11, at the Pentagon and in New York City, totally conflict with the federal version of the pernicious happenings reported on public television by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and published in the “Report of the 9/11 Commission” and on national cable television, which cost the American taxpayers over 120 million dollars from start to finish. Yet, do you expect a group of shadowy, pragmatic, and sadistic federal conspirators to freely own-up to their heinous crimes and the mass murders they committed; to finally get some conscience and make public confessions? No, you can’t expect them to do that, but you can expect them to make errors in judgment in attempting to cover their tracks and eliminate all of the incriminating evidence linking them to a 9/11 criminal conspiracy. The bottom line crux of this article is that a Boeing 757 jet airliner, carrying 58 passengers and 6 crew members of American Airlines Flight 77, did not crash into the Pentagon wall, and that two Boeing 767 jet airliners, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were not flown into the North and South WTC Twin Towers. Instead, carefully constructed jet drones closely resembling Boeing 767 jet airliners were used, which were built over a two-year period by private federal contractors working secretly for the CIA/NSA. And the kicker was that the federal contractors had no idea about the real purpose for the secretly-built drones. As for the total free-fall collapse of the two WTC Twin Towers and the WTC Building 7, the three super-structures were completely collapsed through the use of controlled demolition using an incendiary super-heat producing explosive called military-grade nano-thermite.

Until a very indignantly vocal minority of the American national electorate (the aggregate U.S. citizen voters over 18 years of age), or an equally clamerous majority of them, are convinced of the true and correct facts about the mass-murders committed on 9/11, the truth cannot be realized. These murders which were perpetrated by federal conspirators to implement a neo-conservative agenda for a very fascist “new American 21st Century,” planned several years before 9/11. By blaming 9/11on radical Islamists and securing the passage of the unconstitutional Patriot Act, the federal government instigated a continuous unwinnable state-of-war against the “terrorism” of its own making thereby drastically changing the American republic after 9/11 into a nation of People coerced by continual fear. And it will continue to plod along in apathetic ignorance as it did in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. It took nearly 35 years, after the fact, for the American public to accept the sordid reality that Franklin Roosevelt had deliberately concocted the plan to kill over 4,000 American soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors in the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941 in the name of pragmatism. The Japanese attack was a harrowing surprise to the men and women in uniform at Pearl Harbor on that fateful morning, but not for FDR, who knew about the pending attack 72 hours prior to it happening. He could have warned the Pearl Harbor Naval Command about it. But he didn’t, because he had promised his cousin, Winston Churchill, in 1939, that he would see to it that the United States entered the European war against Adolf Hitler’s Germany. It was, then, a devious backdoor to war! History has proven this to be the gospel truth, but that truth really hasn’t mattered to a late 20th Century and early 21st Century American electorate, who, it seems, don’t really care about the scourge of conspiracy. Nearly sixteen years have elapsed since 9/11, and the false federal propaganda and the progressive media have dominated the duped minds of a large percentage of the current American electorate to cause them to believe the federal explanation for 9/11. Over a hundred million American men and women turn 18 years of age, and become members of the electorate, every calendar year. Will another sixteen years inexorably elapse before the awful truth is known? Or will it ever be known. God only knows!