The George Costanza Faculty of “Getting a Girlfriend”

Recall Seinfeld?

Yeah, the Tv Display.

(Btw, even decades following becoming canceled… individuals are nevertheless loving it!)


A few of times ago, I study a publication from just one of my small business mentors. He talked about a lesson he realized from that present. Much more specifically, from the episode where by George Costanza did everything the reverse way. And even although the lesson was about marketing and advertising, it can be used to relationship as well. In particular if you are wanting to get a wonderful, high-good quality girlfriend instead of a drunk drab.


There’s this scene in which George Costanza receives a position job interview with the New York Yankees. Now, as a substitute of kissing the owner’s ass, he instructed him the Yankees sucked. He also designed absolutely sure to explain to him WHY he considered all of the owner’s selections were being large body fat mistakes.

He received employed on the spot!

Then there was this other scene, wherever he saw this scorching, attractive babe having evening meal alone. So, he walked up to her. And rather than seeking to be an individual he is not and deceive her into a date, he informed her he was bald, short, had no occupation, and however lived with his moms and dads. She quickly went on a date with him!

The crazy issue is…

It can be the very same with courting as an introvert. You see, relationship is tough for introverts! For the reason that most courting suggestions attempts to turn introverts into extroverts and pushes them to present by themselves as an individual they’re not! And if that is not more than enough, most relationship procedures are about tricking, lying, and manipulating women into relationships. It goes without the need of expressing that none of these will assistance you get a excellent girlfriend.

And definitely not a extended-term one!

I suggest, what do you consider occurs once she finds out the male is NOT who he “pretended” to be? That is suitable! She dumps him!

This is my place:

Permit the other crew go down that path.

Enable the PUAs get the very low-top quality girls and get dumped soon after their “fa├žade” crumbles.

We will take the “reverse” method.

Cause executing the opposite of what all the other guys are carrying out can give you a Huge leg up with the women – specifically with the significant-quality kinds.

Try it.

You really may be shocked by the results.

Ideal now, you are most likely questioning, “what particular reverse issues can I do?” Properly… here’s one thing useful you can apply in your future interaction with a lady. Next time you disagree with a girl, alternatively of transforming your view to match hers and heading into “me far too” method, as most fellas do, basically do the opposite!

Disagree with her!

You will see that by carrying out so, you really build attraction! Induce attraction is established when we break rapport, not when we develop it. And which is the challenge. Our total life, we’ve been taught to create rapport with persons. Our mother and father instructed us to be pleasant. In college, they advised us to be wonderful. At do the job, they inquire us to be pleasant.

Very seriously…

Believe of any communication class you’ve got at any time been on at function. It can be all about creating rapport and befriending individuals. But if all you do with a female is befriend her… never act astonished when you land in the friendzone. So subsequent time your date tells you she likes Harry Potter, don’t be worried to tell her it is lame!

Of system, will not be rude!

As lengthy as you do it playfully, with a cheeky smile on your face, you will observe she’ll come to be far more attracted to you!

Hope you relished this report induce that’s all I have received for you today!