Things to Know Before Starting a Bonsai Hobby

Growing Bonsai is very popular, and like any popular hobby there is a lot of misconception regarding growing bonsai. Many people have been known to refrain from taking to Bonsai thinking that it will prove to be very difficult to achieve, however this is not really a good enough reason not to take up this activity because there is always as starter kit such as the beginner Bonsai trees to get started with. While this notion of having a huge learning curve when starting out has a few merits, in actual fact, growing bonsai is a fun and relaxing activity and most people, when they get to start trying out this activity, will soon become hooked on to it and in many cases even become obsessed with it.

Starting off the Hobby with a Beginner Bonsai Tree

Now, if you are one of those beginners with apprehensions and doubts about growing bonsai you can quite simply select the best beginner Bonsai tree so that the whole experience is one of learning and not one in which you will have chewed off more than you can handle. What is important when starting off is to remember not really worry about the particular species of tree that you are growing as bonsai growing is an art form. It is through the learning process of this art that will make mistakes, learn from them and become better and wiser as you progress through the process.

To immediately get down to your hobby, you will need to consider a few essential criteria with regards to proper bonsai growing, and these may include such things as cost, time that will be spent, and the effort in choosing the right bonsai tree. In this day and age, it is very simple to just go onto the internet and find a lot of bonsai trees being sold but much of what is sold is not satisfactory and thereby indicates that as a beginner you would be best off trying out a nursery or a garden center of good standing so that you will be able to get hold of a healthy tree.

The next step of course is determining exactly what the most ideal tree is for you to start growing bonsai. There is a plenty to choose from, however as a beginner the best probable choice would be a Japanese Maple or a Juniper tree which are wonderful to look at as well as not difficult to manage as far as training is concerned. This will give you the ideal state of mind as you will enjoy looking at the beauty of your work while following a learning curve that is not too steep.

You will then need to understand that in this hobby, growing bonsai also requires you to maintain your tree by the method of pruning and that you will need to shape your tree into the proper style. Having a good healthy tree to start with will help you avoid problems, and learning how to water the plant, provide the soil it needs, fertilizers and re-potting will give you a tree that will thrive as your Bonsai tree learning experience continues. Knowing the basics of growing any plant is what you will need to master and will need to keep in your mind as this will help you keep your bonsais healthy and allow you to enjoy your hobby.

One final tip is that you should not start work on the root of your tree before the correct time for it and you should first start of with the crown or top of tree and work your way down towards the root. Never take out more that a third of the foliage of the tree at any given time, this is a common mistake however with time spent on learning, you will become more adept to the proper techniques and be able to find the best ways to improve growing bonsai.

Conclusion – Enjoying the fruits of the new Hobby.

While it does seem to be a difficult hobby to maintain, it really is all a matter of committing a few hours a week of your time to learn the basics. When you have managed to get into the groove, everything else becomes much easier and in fact more enjoyable. Learning the essential steps and not rushing is what will make your bonsai hobby worth every penny and time you spend on your trees.

A few books or videos on bonsai growing will not only help you out but will also give you a guide on the proper ways to implement the growing of your trees. Every little time spent on learning means more skills will be gained over time and will give you better understanding of growing bonsai and will increase your capacity to further appreciate the art and enjoy all the efforts.