Tips About Filling Out Your Police Application Form

To fill out your police application you will need some of your basic information and credentials. The police departments all have some different criteria for the application to their police academies, but they all have a minimum age requirement. Most will say that the applicant needs to be at least 21 years of age but some will consider those who are just 19 years old. Provided you do qualify by meeting all the requirements laid out by the police department application you are seeking, then filling out the form is pretty simple. You will need to be thorough with your answers and of course very honest.

Let’s talk about a few of the things that will certainly appear on any application form. If you have ever filled out a job application then you should not have a problem as this is very similar. Your personal information like your identification, mailing address, e-mail address and phone numbers will begin your application. Be sure that you give current contact information and a main e-mail address as you really do not want them to have a problem contacting you.

You will of course fill in your full name, and social security number, the date you were born and your gender along with your driver’s license number. Any phone numbers and addresses that you have for the organizations and clubs you have joined in the last few years will be needed as well.

For your work experience you should go back a good ten years or back to the first employment if you cannot go back the ten years. The addresses and phone numbers of the most recent employment should be included. Any previous training that you may have received in law enforcement or security either with the military or any other organization should be included with specific information. If a military history applies to you, then you will need to give the branch under which you served and the dates you were active.

When listing your education it is good to start with the most recent and list any names of institutions and the dates you attended whether it was high school, college or trade schools. Also your major should be noted along with the type of degree or diploma or certificate that you achieved or tried to achieve and the dates.

Upon completion of your application it will be necessary to attach a copy of your social security card, your certificate of birth, copies of any diplomas, degrees, or certificates and an official copy of your driver’s license. There may be other documentation required which will depend on the police department to which you apply. There will be a fee involved which averages about thirty dollars. By signing your final police application you are verifying that all the information that you have included is correct to the best of your ability and that you will stand by the provided information.

The application will need to be mailed to the address of the police department which frequently appears at the bottom of the form you have filled out. Remember to make a copy for your own records before you mail it out.