Valentine’s Day, the Perfect Opportunity to Get Back With Your Ex

If you have just recently went through a break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and you want to make up and get back together. There couldn’t be a better time than Valentine’s day to make that happen. Valentines Day is one of the most popular day’s of the year for couples to get back together after a break up. So why do so many couples get back together on Valentine’s Day?

The answer is simple really, unlike all the other holiday’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter.etc. that are traditionally spent with family and friends. Valentine’s Day is traditionally set aside specifically for lover’s. So this offer’s the perfect opportunity for someone wanting to get back together with an ex lover. This is a time when your ex is missing you as much as your are missing them. And even more so if the break up has happened within the last couple of months.

Your ex is not going to fall back into your arms simply because it’s Valentine’s Day. But with some predetermined planning, it will offer a window of opportunity to begin a process that will help in rectifying the circumstances that led to your break up. There are some things to consider before you start you quest to get back together with your ex, and we’ll get to those in just a moment. But first you are going to have to get together with your ex on Valentine’s Day before you can start the process, right? So how are you going to do that? Try this.

Call your ex a day or two before Valentine’s Day and say something like this: “Hi ______ You know Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I was hoping we could put are differences aside for the a day and spend a little time together”. Then shut up, don’t rattle on and sound desperate. If you have been following my articles, you should get a positive response, because you haven’t been calling constantly, you haven’t been stalking them, and you have a good reason for calling. If you haven’t been bothering them, then your ex is thinking about you also, and is probably expecting to hear from you and may even be hoping to.

Be prepared to offer suggestions for the date that would not make your ex feel like their being trapped into being alone with you, like dinner at your place. Dinner at a casual restaurant will make them feel less pressured. Bring a gift, but don’t give it to them right away, stay away from gifts that are too romantic or shows a desperate attempt to impress them. Choose a gift that is simple but shows that you are in tune with their interests. If your ex enjoys reading a new release book would be a good gift, or if they are into video games, the newest game would be a good gift. Just remember to keep it simple and something that they are interested in.

Keep your conversation casual, and at no point bring up the subject of the break up. You don’t want to remind them why the two of you broke up. Try to stay away from any subject that can somehow be associated with the break up. Instead talk about what’s currently going on in each others life’s, treat it as a first date without any open expectations. If your ex does happen to bring up the subject of the break up be prepared to discuss it but only if they bring it up. If the break up was your fault show your ex that you have gone back through the events that led to the break up and that you have a clear understanding of what he/she was upset about. If the break up was over something your ex did, do the exact same thing, your ex may not realize that he/she did anything wrong.

After dinner if your ex suggest to continue the date, accept, but do not make that suggestion yourself. At the end of the date tell your ex that you had a good time and you hope you can do it again. If you’ve made it this far you have completed a major step in getting back together with your ex. Don’t blow it now, give your ex some time to digest the time they just spent with you. Don’t call them right away, wait for another good reason to spend some time together. Unless of course your ex calls you. Or has specifically asked you to call.

Remember just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean your ex is magically fall back into your arms. It’s just the perfect opportunity for you to begin the make up process. Be patient not pushy.