‘Willice Samuel’


“Of Philly’s Greatest”

Philadelphia, “E Pluribus Unum,” – ‘Out of The A lot of, One!’ Contrary to that of other towns, lifetime experienced been superior for numerous people in spite of the massive gentrification, politicalizing, politicalized racial polarization, anarchy, criminal offense, capitalization, gun-pollution, gun-dependancy, drug-habit, social desease, starvation, homelessness, incarceration, drug-czars and gangs, police brutality and corruption, state, metropolis and personal business enterprise white-collar criminal offense and corruption, and a ‘God-Provided Will need for Salvation and Forgiveness. Not at all as opposed to other massive metropolitan areas across the nation. But, in this town of Philly, there is a great deal to be made available… and acquired. There is good satisfaction in property ownership listed here… (non-home-ownership is just as great a reward for residing in this area as perfectly). There are four important universities of higher understanding with two main faculties, i.e., Philadelphia Local community School on Spring Back garden Avenue with several satellite campus locations and The Berean Institute Higher education (previously of Girard Avenue in the coronary heart of North Philadelphia) in and close to the Philadelphia surrounding space.

This city formerly the fourth-premier metropolis in America a very hot-mattress of sports activities champions and teams… the property of Champion Boxing greats, The Philadelphia Eagles in NFL Football, The 76r’s in Basketball, The Philadelphia Wings in Soccer, The Philadelphia Flyers in Hockey, The Phillies in Baseball, The Taney Avenue Dragons Tiny League Baseball Staff, “Philly’s Globe Champions” with many other high-quality sporting activities groups and supporters a solid and proud city of varied folks, Museums, Art Galleries, Dining places of Remarkably Classed Delicacies(s) and High-quality Lifestyle dwelling to “The Rocky Statue and Balboa University.” A Philly neighbor to New Jersey across the river, is divided by the Mighty Delaware River slicing via Philly, the Energetic and Unrelenting ‘Schuylkill’ River functioning as a result of it web hosting lots of ‘Sculls,’ Scullies and other sort of boat races… in “Fairmount Park!”

“Fairmount Park,” (rivaled only by ‘New York’s Central Park)… is Property to ‘The To start with National Zoo in The us!’

A metropolis immersed in its pleasure of staying a various unwavering metropolis, possessing enormous bursts of wonderment, appreciation, journey, and imagination. Fairmount Park, a broad outdoor entire world of the aged and the new… a wilderness of discovery a fanciful land of things to do for the complete family, oriented in friendship – “Brotherly Enjoy and Sisterly Affection!” A soulful knowledge for all who acquire element in venturing forth, partaking of its amazing pleasures… offerings of bountiful majesty gifted to just one and all, by ‘Mother Nature’ and the ‘Grace of God!’

… But a lethal city non-the-less.

The time is now… your time… our time, an un-yielding extensive and everlasting holistic encounter throughout the region. A Philadelphia Tale of Your Wrestle(s), Our Struggle(s), The Struggles of Daily life In Philly! The exceptions to the rule are all those who have no struggles, or so they say. Willice and his kin fare no in another way than the normal people in and around town… like several in the regulation enforcement neighborhood and those of lots of Philadelphia Civil Servants Willice has paid his dues several occasions about. He’s gone that more mile a little bit a lot more instances than anticipated, necessary, or unaccepted by numerous who provide. The trials and tribulations associated with his vocation climb and life objectives, have compelled him into a war with a beast no one could have ever probably imagined. Quadrupled with his combat versus the systematic engine created to maintain him and persons of his unique persuasion in a established area… their location. He labored with the battle in hanging on to his task, his loved ones, his existence, and his steadfast determination to his vows of protecting the people, his never-ending combat towards the really men and women with whom he is compelled to deal and do the job alongside-side, every and just about every day.

“Willice Samuel’s household arrived up North from Ga by way of Winnsboro, South Carolina. The household settled in Coatesville Pennsylvania, in or about April 1911.

Willice’s Wonderful-Great Grandfather talked about a lynching and burned at the stake murder of a Black Man by a mob of white guys who wore masks. He mentioned the Black Gentleman named Zachariah Walker was accused of taking pictures to dying a white cop, named Edgar Rice. He was supposed to have been a particular law enforcement officer in Coatesville. The Willice’s are descendants of America’s beneficial Field of Black Slavery.”


He labored with those people who conspired towards him, these who wished him humiliated and wrecked. They wish to send a obvious and solid message, it can be indicating… “it is we who are in management… it is we who are the potent and controlling faction although it is you, who are beneath us! It is you, who are destined to serve and continue being subservient… without end! Willice Samuel will never be a part design for any… Black, Latino, Asian, or white… and everything in in between!”

Willice wasn’t on any mission to make any significant social changes… but did not, would not, will not operate away or again-down from the problem of defending the unprotected.

The crime in the metropolis is at an all-time substantial. Young ones killing kids, in the city and the burbs as perfectly. City’s across the nation are enduring quite a few ‘Youth Challenges’ coupled with the brash and emboldened brain-sets unleashed by the racist torrents of “white-supremacist” and spit-spewned hatred from the lips of an ‘two-timed-impeached, traitorous, treasonous, insurrectionist, ex-whitehouse commandant the imitative representation of a “Totally free-Entire world Management!”… “Agent Orange.”

The captain and his workforce of criminal offense-fighters are also besieged with a desk total of corrupt and chilly-conditions that will need to be posted from ‘red to black’ (in the squad duty area) in a hurry. They are beset with an onslaught of challenges whilst working with public backlash and scenario fixing filibusters from City Hall, Town Counsel, and Police Unions, as opposed to the giving of solutions. Structured crime and white-collar investigations are also element of the smorgas-borg of actual physical and psychological assaults experiencing this crew of “Crack-Crime-Fighters!”

If this captain of detectives and his group can tame the ravishing of a rampaging goliath sized beast, what can they perhaps do against the system of a disciplined algorithm ‘juggernaut’ of a ‘well-oiled-arranged-crime-spree’ initiated from several instructions… the four-corners of the city?

They will not know it, but these criminal offense-ridden monsters of so-identified as human-sort, would be better served if they don’t cross the radar of Captain Willice Samuel and Associates… they’ll be a sorry ton it they really don’t heed the warning… continue to be away from anything that would or will put you on a collision study course to any and all scenarios… legal situations dealt with by a “Willice Samuel Investigation!”

“If You Can’t Do The Time, Never Do The Crime – Willice is on the circumstance!”

~ ‘FAIRMOUNT’ – Terror In The Park!~